In a nutshell


Our mission is to connect people and food through the power of technology.


Our vision is to be an industry standard in the hands of every restaurant and their customers.


We started favemenu to solve a simple problem - we wanted an easy way to see how an item looks.


We are menu-focused, we build everything to give attention to each item.


Our current goal is to give diners the power to view and (eventually) order food through their own mobile phones.

Meet the Team

Randy Ky

Co-Founder & CEO

Hey hey, I've been in the software industry for over 10 years. Throughout the years, I've found great joy in building apps and products that are not only practical but also user-centric. Combined with my love for trying different kinds of food, favemenu became the brainchild of my interests. I always stay on track and I'm consistently consistent - meaning having a goal to reach. Outside of my hustle, working out and training for a triathlon is the best way to unwind.

Vince Nguyen

Co-Founder & COO

Hey everyone! I’m Vince, I’m one of the co-founders @ favemenu. In my mind I like to think of myself as an executor, meaning that I will do whatever needs to get done. Officially, I’m in charge of the “business side” of things such as sales, marketing, and fundraising, but like most startups, I wear many hats. Occasionally, I help the product team w/ testing and I dabble in design but I would never consider myself a developer or designer at my skill level, haha!

Mike McGinn

Art Director

I truly believe "you're only as strong as your team" and favemenu became a priority after meeting this fantastic team! Being focused on creativity in all forms, digital and non-digital, has opened many doors to work with brands such as Microsoft, Universal Studios, Nintendo, World of Dance, and now favemenu. With over 20 years in the field, It's exciting to apply my life's experiences.

Justin Nguyen

Senior Engineer

Hey guys, my name is Justin Nguyen and I am a senior engineer at favemenu. I’m a supporter, a builder, and a handyman. My role is to equip and empower my teammates with the tools they need to succeed. I give the people what they want even if they don’t know it. But most importantly, I make sure the app doesn’t go down.

Lonnie Suen

Marketing Manager

I’m a product and solutions marketing professional with experience in the technology (SaaS) and clinical diagnostics industries. Driven by the creativity of marketing and predictive storytelling of analytics, I strive to blend and discover trends that propel solutions forward. I’m also a Weeknd fan that develops marketing strategies, in that order.

Varoujan Makdesian

Software Engineer

As an engineer in training, I play the role of filling any of the potholes that I may or may not find along the way of my learning. I like to think I'm somewhat adept in many fields and try to lend an extra hand where I can. Even though my role is to help build, my specialty is breaking things so users like you aren't able to.

Elizabeth Barbieto

Software Engineer

Just your friendly neighborhood web engineer and developer in training. I'm currently an undergrad at CSUN studying Computer Science and am here to assist the team in any way that I can. I love to code, play games, go to the beach, and (most importantly) eat.

Josh Patterson

Senior Designer

Originating as a multidisciplinary designer in the fashion and entertainment industry, my core focus has evolved into elevating community networking through strategic branding and a strong belief that design should dictate form and function. Having a keen eye for innovation and pixel perfection, I am a strong believer in making sure your eyes are as satisfied as your stomach.

Tiffany Tran


I am a product designer, a creator, and a team player. My role is to create a visually appealing interface with a great user experience in mind. What I enjoy most about designing is the constant reiteration with my team since it gives me an opportunity to improve each time. In my free time, I like to learn new things such as investing, cooking, and real estate.

Edison Chung

Junior Software Engineer

The newest intern and addition to the favemenu team, I am eager to learn everything my fellow teammates teach me and take on any job that I can in order to help them out in return. In my spare time, I enjoy running in the evenings, feeling myself merge with the wind whilst gazing at sunset...followed by a nutritious home-cooked chicken dinner.

Tommy Su

Business Developer

Hey Everyone, I'm Tommy! I believe in bridging the gap between Restaurants, Foodies, and Search Platforms, hence FAVEMENU. Believing in their Mission and seeing their clear Company Direction, I joined favemenu as a Business Developer. With over 10 years of experience in F&B, Digital Marketing, E-commerce, and all the other good stuff, I hope to bring new ideas, clients, and growth to favemenu. I'm also the Chief Boba Taster at Bobalife USA. IG: @bobalife